Improve Report Scheduling Options

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We have a client who requires a 6 monthly report of uptime of their hosted environment. This is basically a https check of their front facing access point. CheckMK can handle that no problem. We would normally generate this report on the 1st Jan and the 1st July for the previous 6 months.

In the report settings I can set the report to be the last 183 days which would cover that period.
But in the report scheduler I have limited options to automate scheduling of this report. The options I have are attached:

Of course I can set the Time range to be 183 days which would be my 6 months, but I would have to schedule this report once a month meaning I’d end up with 12 reports emailed when I really only want 2.
Can we make the time period more flexible if possible so that it could have additional options once every X months, or on specific days (i.e. on 1/7/xx and 1/1/xx etc).

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Comments: 0