Activate changes on sites with no foreign changes

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The background story:
Multiple users are doing changes on multiple sites. Some of these changes are on the same sites, others are not. If these users then wanted to all changes on sites where no other users have also made changes, they would have to manually un-check every site that has foreign changes. Not only is this impractical but also it usually is to no avail since other users may make additional changes in the mean-time. The latter results in Checkmk simply telling us "you need to review the changes again".

What I think would be a neat addition:
Add functionality to allow a user to activate changes only on sites that only they made changes on. Basically the opposite of "Activate foreign changes", but not requiring selective activation of single changes. E.g.:

Site 1 -> changes only by A
Site 2 -> changes only by A
Site 3 -> changes by A and B

A presses "some" button (e.g. "Activate non-foreign changes") -> Sites 1 and 2 get activated, site 3 remains unchanged.

Under consideration Setup Suggested by: Thierry T. Upvoted: 19 Apr Comments: 0

Comments: 0