Adding option for consider different dimension in a clustered service with "Best of" Logic

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A service has n dimensions. In cluster mode, a group of dimensions on node A may be in some state (wich some of them are crit for example), and a distinct group of dimensions on node B may be on other state (some crit but different from the one one node A). Currently, first both nodes are individually taken to be WARN or CRIT, then aggregation mode applies.

In certain clusters you'd expect that for each dimension an aggregation mode 'Best' would apply, thus the grouping of such dimensions in a service seems arbitrary and currently disallows correct cluster modelling.

Option that I ask is that aggregation mode ruleset would be: 'apply aggregation mode to the service's dimensions and not to the service's total state'.

An example

Assuming we have one service "FooBar", monitoring the Foo and the Bar. Assuming we have the following outputs for 2 nodes in active-active cluster:

Node1: Foo: alright, Bar: too cold (CRIT)
Node2: Foo: too hot (CRIT), Bar: alright

The cluster should be ok

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Comments: 1