Replay: Make 'omd cleanup' available on Checkmk appliance

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Checkmk appliances allow a very intuitive management of Checkmk-versions. Versions can be uploaded via the webinterface or background automation (although this requires in depth development itself).

After a while though, checkmk admins face a serious challenge. Outdated and unused versions of checkmk clutter up the appliances. On the webinterface, outdated version can be removed by clicking the "remove" option individually on each entry.
In larger distributed environments, this can become a time challenge as each individual deletion may take a certain amount of time.
If you have like 200 sites and on each site 10 old versions need to be deleted and each deletion takes about 2 minutes the total time for that housekeeping will be 4000 minutes.

omd cleanup would do the job on it's own and it could be remotely automated as it's just a single command. Ideally, this may cut down the time from 4000 minutes to 20-30 minutes.
Originally this request is from Ch. Wirtz.

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Comments: 0