Better VM monitor / vSphere integration

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It is impractical to enable SNMP or install the Checkmk agent on hundreds or thousands of VMs, and unnecessary as well. Between vSphere / ESXi monitor, and information returned from VMWare-Tools, all relevant information about each VM is available, but Checkmk does not utilize it.

This includes:
* A list of every active file system on each VM. How much disk space is used / available on each. Read/write metrics. Alerting on utilization thresholds.
* Uptime counter of VM. Graph and warn/crit alerts on configured thresholds.
* Throughput on virtual network adapters. Graph utilization. Alert thresholds.
* All IP addresses. Create ping monitoring services with graphs of latency / packet loss of each.
* CPU utilization, percentage of VM's allocation, NOT the ESXi host's.
* Memory utilization, percentage of VM's allocation.

This information is all available, and Zabbix collects it through its vSphere integration and monitoring. One of the few things it does much better than Checkmk.

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Comments: 5