Fully implement service tags instead of removing them

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To our regret, the service tags have never been fully implemented and their full potential has never really been exploited.

One of the biggest advantages of tags is that they are predefined and therefore much less error-prone. For example, you can search/filter for services that do not have a certain tag or where the tag is not "empty" or "does not contain", and you can use the tags in views, which is not possible with labels. Therefore, we see the labels as a supplement to the tags, not as their replacement.

Host tags have proven their usefulness for a long time. That's why we would like to be able to use the service tags everywhere in the same way as the host tags. Basically, the only thing missing is the possibility of using the service tags and service auxiliary tags as a condition in rules.


Under consideration Setup Suggested by: Lars Sörensen Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 3

Comments: 3