Update "Integrate Opsgenie with Checkmk" on Opsgenie for API V2 Alerts

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The Opsgenie Notification Plugin from Trieb29 uses the Opsgenie Alert API V2.

Unfortunately, the existing CheckMK API integration in Opsgenie only supports events sent via the old Opsgenie Alert API V1.

Please create an updated version of the existing "Integrate Opsgenie with Checkmk", that contains predefined actions for events sent by the Opsgenie Notification Plugin via the new Opsgenie Alert API V2.

This simplifies the integration of Opsgenie and Checkmk because customers don't have to manually recreate everything from scratch via the Default API just to see the Checkmk events in Opsgenie.

The same request was also placed at Opsgenie:

Under consideration Notifications Suggested by: Lars Sörensen Upvoted: 21 Feb Comments: 0

Comments: 0