Service Discovery: Show since when a service is vanished or has been discovered

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As a user, I cannot rely on the continuous existence of a service. Especially in testing environments of my colleagues, it may happen from time to time, that a service is vanishing for some minutes or even hours and then discovered again. I do not want to remove these services and add them later on again - I consider these as regular behavior.

In other cases, I am facing service, that are vanished since some days, weeks, months. Often even on the same host as the short vanishing services. The current work flow is, to have two tabs in my web browser open, to compare the service view of the host (which contains time stamps, since when a service is marked as UNKNOWN/vanished) with the service discovery page.

I would be a huge improvement of my workflow, if I would be able to see this information directly in the service discovery page.

Under consideration Checks&Agents Setup Suggested by: Marcel Arentz Upvoted: 15 Jun Comments: 0

Comments: 0