Automatic registration baked into the Agent

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I would be great to have the possibility to have the agent registration build in the agent itself.

Of course there need to be done some preparation to get this done, but it could be included in the already existing “Automatic Agent Update Prerequisites” as an option.
First one need to create a new user role which can nothing, but register hosts and a new user with that role + a randomly created password.

A wizard for that, which asks just for the role name and the user name, would be great. (the required role access will be done automatically - it’s quite time consuming to find the right ones manually, since there are so many)

Then the bakery just need to create agents, which will after installation figure out the FQDN of the host and use the new registration user to finish the process. Some may want to configure to use the short host name instead, but for us as managed service provider the FQDN is the way to go.

At the moment we have two scripts (Linux & Windows) which need to be

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Comments: 2