Renaming a service should include moving perfdata

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There are multiple reasons why a service gets renamed: Either because tribe29 changed the way the service name gets generated (mostly to make it more defined, ie include volume name in netapp_api_qtree_quota) or because the customer changes something (like going from if index to alias/descriptions)

There should be at least a command line tool I can give a simple CSV with instance, host, old service and new service names which does the renaming for me. Workflow could be to change the naming rules (or apply the update with the check causing the change), run inventory on the host, create CSV with the proposed new and vanished service name data, accept the changes, and the tool would stop the instance, rename the files and starts the instance.

Best would be to auto detect these changes, but that would surely include changing the way check data is generated, like including an invisible GUID for every check. Going purely by name changes wouldn't work I think.

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Comments: 3